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Update day: April 6, 2020

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 General information about new coronavirus infectious disease

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Message from the governor

New coronavirus infectious disease
From the governor relating to this to citizens of the prefecture


The outbreak situation

The infected person outbreak situation in the prefecture
Sphere of life information of infected person
Reporting for prevention of infection spread

Statistics information

Statistics information

Infected person total in the prefecture
Such as the number of number of inspection, consultation
Statistics information

The approach situation of the prefecture

The approach situation of the prefecture

The situation of the infectious disease measures synthesis headquarters of the prefecture
Various guidelines, public information material

Inquiry counter

When we worry about health condition

Returnee, contact consultation center
Information for consultation dial for exclusive use of infectious disease

 When you have a problem with harmful rumors

Guidance of consultation desk such as harmful rumors

Support system

Support system for individual, companies

Grant and loan support system for personal all of you
Financing system for all of the companies
Guidance to person having difficulty in prefectural tax payment


News from prefectural Board of Education

We relate to the making of place to stay of child

Owned by a prefecture facility

Closing information of prefectural facility

List of closing situation of prefectural facility
(each facility link Will be provided)

New coronavirus basics information

Infection preventive basic information ・
Prefectural seminar offer information

Of new coronavirus infectious disease
Basic information about the prevention,
Offer information from prefectural seminar

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