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In the summer of 2020, we cannot climb Mount Fuji


In the summer of 2020, we cannot climb Mount Fuji

 Because all up descent from a mountain ways are closed under the influence of infection of new coronavirus in the summer of 2020, we cannot climb Mount Fuji.

 To mountaineer going to usual in each starting point of a mountain climb please never enter in suspension of traffic section without being able to take safety measures because is very dangerous.

■Closed section of the up descent from a mountain way

・The Yoshida route fifth stage - mountaintop

・The Fujinomiya route fifth stage - mountaintop

・The *so route fifth stage - mountaintop

・The Gotemba route new fifth stage - mountaintop

・Visiting mountaintop crater wall of Mt. Fuji

■The situation of Yoshida route

 There are no Current year, establishment, setting of the next engine.

・Mountain hut

・Relief place (the eighth stage, the seventh stage, the fifth stage)

・The sixth stage security instruction center

・Restroom (the sixth stage, the seventh stage) 

We cannot climb Mount Fuji this summer (PDF: 76KB)

Summer 2020, Mt. Fuji climbing prohibited

 For the summer 2020 climbing season, all Mt. Fujitrails will be closed so you will not be able to climb at this time.

 Please do not enter the closed Mountain Trails, as this year we are unable to carry out the usual safety measures and it is extremely dangerous.

■Climbingtrail climbing trails

・YoshidaTrail 5th Station~Top

・FujimiyaTrail 5th Station~Top

・SubashiriTrail 5th Station~Top

・GotembaTrail New 5th Station - Top

・Tours around the top of the Mountain

■Yoshida Trail Information

 This year, the following institutions will not beopened/in place.

・Mountain Lodges

・First Aid Stations (8th Station, 7thStation, 5th Station)

・Mt.Fuji Safety Guidance Center

・Bathrooms (7thStation, 6thStation)

2020 summer Fuji mountain climbing cancellation

 yoshi*jushinkatahaienekijokage 响, 2020 nenkakifushisammatoshoyutosandoshozembufu 锁, impossible mountain climbing.

 Each mountain climbing entrance 处 rejected image of existence going one a year 样设 oki*kyakuyasuzen*hodokoshi, 为 ryoyasuzenki 见请绝对 Fumiiri taboo line area that we do not need.

■The following mountain trail 为 taboo line area

・Mt. paths of Yoshida 线 fifth stage ~ 顶

・Mt. Fuji 宫 road 线 fifth stage ~ 顶

・Mt. 须 course 线 fifth stage ~ 顶

・Mt. palace 场 road 线 new fifth stage ~ 顶

・Mountain 顶环 form 线 road

■Paths of Yoshida 线实 *

 Following 设 hodokoshi 设备 sho 暂 * 开 ho of this year.

・Mountains hut

・Help 护 * (the eighth stage, the seventh stage, the fifth stage)

・The sixth stage security finger 导 bottom of heart

・厕 place (the seventh stage, the sixth stage)




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