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Melody point (prefectural road Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Fuji Line)

With melody point

Melody point is to establish lateral groove on the surface of road and is place playing melody by run sound to occur between tire and pavement when vehicle passes.

We established melody point that melody of "heap of wisteria" sounded like to prefectural road Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Fuji Line in Yamanashi. It becomes the first attempt in Yamanashi.

Where do you listen?

Line : Prefectural road Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Fuji Line

Place : Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun grounds (each climb line, down line line 350m interval)

  • Uphill line from Route 139 Subaru solid intersection is point of approximately 2km to the Mount Fuji area
  • The down line from interior of the womb cave entrance intersection under Subaru, Fuji line tollgate is point of approximately 2.5km to the Route 139 area

 ※Please refer to attachment position figure for the details. → Melody point position figure (PDF: 556KB)




If quaver, mark "♪ which Mount Fuji melody spreads in when run at Mount Fuji melody point ♪ 50km after this" are seen on road surface; soon. 


We lower volume of indoor audio system, and let's listen to run sound.








 If "it begins Mount Fuji melody point ♪ and passes ♪", melody begins to play G clef, mark of road surface.


Uphill line: Oh, it is ... tamaokumono - ...♪ 

 The down line: See ka ..., and become; is ... ... with state♪





What kind of melody is it?

As melody to play is road linking Mount Fuji to the foot of Mount Fuji, of course it is "heap of wisteria".

We can listen to melody in uphill line, traffic lane of each down line for approximately 20 seconds (in the case of 50km per an hour).


  • Chapter and verse (approximately 20 seconds) second from up line first chapter and verse

 (in the first half) ♪ Boil head to bring out the flavor after spider, and do, and look down at the mountains of; and ...♪

  • Chapter and verse (approximately 20 seconds) fourth from down line third chapter and verse

 (in the latter half) ♪ kaminarisamaoshitanikikufujihanipponichinoyama♪


We can listen to the most beautiful melody when we run at 50km per an hour.

In addition, we may not hear trailer buses by big vehicle of engine sound.

 Why do you hear melody from road?

Run sound to occur between tire and pavement when vehicle passes by installing at regular intervals that lateral groove was selected as the road surface by pitch plays melody.

Ditch such as lower photograph is dug on road surface. We adjust the strength and weakness of volume by depth of groove by outbreak and range of scale by interval with groove and groove. (the right is photograph which expanded gulf.)

romen_mizo romen_mizo3

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