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Update day: February 1, 2009

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Various inquiries

 Thing about publication contents of Yamanashi homepage

As information publication to homepage goes in each position, we would like inquiry about publication contents directly in charge position.

"Reference about this page" is listed in each page as follows.


Example of "reference about this page"


When reference is not identified, please refer to following when "reference is not identified".

 Inquiry, consultation about duties of prefecture


"Common inquiry" about duties of prefecture is compiled according to category (field). When there are annoyance or consultation, at first please confirm by "common inquiry".


List of prefectural authorities organizations (each position duties summary, phone number)

We would like inquiry about duties of prefecture after checking duties contents of each position of mention in list of prefectural authorities organizations directly in charge position.

List of prefectural authorities organizations

Consultation desk guidance

As for various consultation about duties of prefecture, please see page of "consultation desk guidance".

Consultation desk guidance

When reference is not identified

Please contact by the next method. I connect in charge position.

1.In the case of telephone, it is prefectural office main phone number 055-237-1111

2.In the case of email

 When he/she is looking for various information

As we classify various information according to category (field), organization and are published, we can look for from classification of the upper page.

Please use search in site. In addition, please see the way of search about method of detailed search.

Illustration of various information

Look at "common inquiry" about duties of prefecture in addition.

 Opinion, suggestion to prefectural government

We would like opinion, suggestion to prefectural government to Yamanashi creation suggestion flight.

Yamanashi creation suggestion flight

Please see "introductions such as main opinions" about main opinions that had you approach so far.

About opinion, request to the police, please use inquiry foam of the prefecture Police.

Police inquiry form

 Opinions about general constitution (design and function) of Yamanashi homepage

Please send inquiry about opinion about general structure (design and function) of Yamanashi homepage and impression to site webmaster (Public Relations Division).

In the case of telephone, we are in charge of / news: Telephone 055-223-1336

In the case of email

Advertising space

Information about advertising