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Work, industry

Other than information about construction, bid, construction industry activated support, information such as qualification, procedure is placed.

Information about agricultural production and activation of mountain village, leading figure measures, stock-raising industry promotion, fresh-water fishery is placed.

Other than mall and approach to central city area activation, information such as approach for prefecture local industry activation, approach of industry-university co-operation official cooperation is placed.

Information about maintenance, maintenance of forest under private ownership or information about activation of forestry, the forest certification are published.

We are published about information about employment, employment measures, the labor welfare and labor problem, vocational training information.

Industrial base, information industry promotion plan, information about company support are published.

We are published about assistance, support system about agriculture and forestry fishery, commerce and industry, service industry, employment, labor, industrial base.

List of related organizations about work, industry is published.

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