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Town planning, environment

Information about local highly specified road, road maintenance is placed expressway.

Information about river management of the prefecture, erosion control business, forestry conservancy, forest road business is placed.

Other than information about city planning, water supply, public housing, park, findings about universal design is published.

Other than information about public housing, authorization information about house-built ya building certification is placed.

Information about land prices and land policy is placed.

Information about transport policy including measures to public transport such as railroad or bus is placed.

Information about the linear central Shinkansen is placed.

Policies for aquatic resources maintenance are published other than information about forest preservation and information about rare animals and plants protection.

Information about hot spring of Yamanashi is placed.

Information such as the spread, enlightenment, public information about Mount Fuji world's cultural heritage is placed.

Information about generation business by the company station is placed.

List of related organizations about town planning, environment is published.

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