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Living, disaster prevention

Security information to live in security, relief or road safety information to be useful for at time that traffic accidents included are published.

Information and consultation desk about consumers trouble are published to realize living that can feel relieved.

Measure and food hygiene information about food safety management are placed.

Information about food education, information about native district meal of Yamanashi are placed.

Information about approach and sports facility about sports promotion, information about school physical education are placed.

Other than furtherance information about regional activation or information about regional activation leader, volunteer, information in conjunction with NPO are published.

Information such as report and overseas deployment business about international exchange business is placed.

Other than business or working papers for gender equality society realization, consultation desk information about human rights is published.

Information about culture promotion measure and cultural assets of the prefecture is placed.

Information about how to get along pets and animal protection, hesitation dog, cat information are published.

Consultation desk about living, disaster prevention is published.

List of related organizations about living, disaster prevention is published.

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