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Update day: March 26, 2010

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"We rose of Yamanashi and devised vision made"


"We rose of Yamanashi and gathered vision made" to build community which overflowed in vitality and hope for life improvement of citizen of the prefecture and security, relief on "being made with prefecture of the best easiness of living in Japan", and promoting in prefecture. This; rise, and, in vision made, show basic directionality in road base maintenance of Yamanashi, and show approach to almost realize figure and it of road in ten years later.


"We rise vision of Yamanashi made"

 We devised from result of public comment and next social capital maintenance important point plan examination committee.

Of Yamanashi rise; vision (first part 1-4) made (PDF: 3,994KB)

Of Yamanashi rise; vision (latter part 5-7) made (PDF: 4,989KB)

Of Yamanashi rise; revision [summary version] made (PDF: 3,147KB)


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