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Update day: February 5, 2015

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About road damage restoration (chukitadate*jimushokyokitashisho)

Restoration procedure of the road damage

When you have let road damage during run, you restore to damage doer, and, based on road law Article 22 Clause 1, please construct.

  1. Please contact road section road maintenance person in charge (0551-23-3065).
  2. Please submit road damage confirmation (when you use insurance companies as for the proxy). Mention example (PDF: 154KB)
  3. From this, we send road damage construction mandate.
  4. You attach required document to damage restoration construction plan (computer word: 37KB), and please submit. Mention example (PDF: 150KB)
  5. If construction is completed, you attach photograph after completion during construction before start of construction, and please submit completion notice (computer word: 31KB).
  • Damage might develop and is very in danger when we leave the damage of road.
  • When we have let road damage, we contact as soon as possible, and let's usually keep careful driving in mind.

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