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Prefectural government information, statistics

Information for history and summary of Yamanashi, information such as symbols and prefectural office building is published.

Greetings from the governor or recent event are published.

Information such as the next prefecture record of the royalty, person of prefectural government achievement is placed.

Information such as prefectural government monitor, public comment is placed as soon as Governor of prefectural government talk GO TO goes.

Information about prefecture public information is placed.

List of consultation desks about prefectural government is published.

We are published about summary of disclosure request and system for privacy protection of administrative document and open data.

Collection of established regulation such as Yamanashi bulletin or the regulations, rule is published.

Other than the situation of capacity management and salary of the prefecture staff, staff adoption, information about financial status, prefectural tax, hometown tax of prefecture is placed.

Plan, policy, general rules and the council of prefecture, suggestion, request to country are published.

Other than various statistics information, working papers that prefecture performed are published.

Other than electronic application, electronic report, information about the nationwide resident-registry network, approach of computerization in the prefectural office is published.

We are published about engineering management information about public construction, information about bid and contract that prefecture performs.

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