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Update day: December 28, 2012

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Do not throw away garbage on road

We installed garbage disposal prohibition enlightenment signboard


We collect falling object and littering garbage by road patrol to secure safety, comfort of vehicle and walker to pass each line to manage in New Loop Road and West Kanto Road Construction Office.

However, around Route 137 new Misaka tunnel parking area which our office manages, we install letter signboard controlling littering of garbage, but have a hard time in the situation not to decrease.

Therefore we installed work which contributed to littering restraint of garbage among "poster, motto contest to push forward prevention of dispersion and 3R of garbage in 2011" winning works as signboard to appeal to morals of road user more.

We had cooperation of Yamanashi international exchange association to do creator of work, Forestry and Environment Department environment creation section which was contest sponsor, multilingual (four languages) indication on installing.


Because it is main doorway from the Kofu area, in various places where road around new Misaka tunnel parking area visits Mount Fuji aiming at world's cultural heritage registration, we act for administrative task to be able to use road comfortably.

The littering garbage collection situation

Garbage collection situation 1

Garbage collection situation 2

The littering prohibition enlightenment signboard setting situation

Enlightenment signboard 1

Enlightenment signboard 2

Enlightenment signboard 3

Enlightenment signboard 4

Enlightenment signboard 5

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