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Medical care, health, the welfare

Information about hospital and medical care, information about elderly aged 75 or over medical care, information about securing of doctor, nurse, information about license, qualification, examination that management fitness of prefectural hospital is related to medical care other than information about becoming are placed.

Other than information to be useful for living a healthy life, information about various infectious diseases, information about preventive measures against suicide and blood donation and school hygiene are placed.

The business situation of National Health Insurance is published.

Information about hygienic environmental security and water supply, food hygiene in building is placed.

Other than information about notice about pharmaceutical administration, drugstore, pharmaceutical products dealership, information about drug abuse is published.

Related information about care manager and helper is placed other than information about care insurance and the elderly person welfare, information about dementia.

Information about life support of person with a disability and the employment, employment, attendance at school information, information about welfare of persons with disabilities related facility are published.

Information about social welfare corporation and information about local welfare officer, children's committee are placed.

Payment, furtherance system to be related to society, community-based welfare, the elderly person welfare, one parent, child welfare, the obstacle welfare is published.

Information about authorization such as medical care, health, the elderly person welfare, welfare of persons with disabilities, hygiene pharmaceutical practice, social welfare corporation is placed.

Related qualification, license, examination information to social welfare, care, medical care, health, nursery staff, food, law of nature beauty, cleaning is placed.

Consultation desk about medical care, drug, elderly person, person with a disability, welfare is published.

List of related organizations about medical care, health, the welfare is published.

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