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Update day: June 30, 2013

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About this site

 About this site

We place Yamanashi homepage ( (following "book site" and notation) as entrance to administrative information of Yamanashi in the Internet and manage. In addition, we utilize this site to perform certain and prompt exhibition of prefectural government information to realize participation of citizen of the prefecture in prefectural government.

We consider so that all people are easy to use as possible and, in making of site, make without being conscious of various characteristics and differences that age, sex, body, people including language have based on way of thinking of "Web accessibility policy".

We place attention information of prefecture news in top page, and you can see public news from Yamanashi. In addition, information cooperates with the throughout the prefecture municipalities, and you can see news that the municipalities send to in RSS1.0 form in our site.

As for these news information, you can see even personal digital assistant (i-MODE, Yahoo! mobile phone, EZ-WEB).

With these administrative information, it inflects as entrance of sightseeing in one notameheno information visited by Yamanashi. As for the event calendar, you can see event information that prefecture performs in calendar form.

In consideration for improvement of publication contents and making of site easy to find, we perform more improvement of service.

 Copyright Policy

Copyrights such as sentence, image published in Yamanashi homepage subsist in Yamanashi or providers such as sentence, image.

We convert without permission and cannot quote these books unless it was detected in Copyright Act such as "reproduction for private use" or "quotation".

Please refer to information source listed in each page for use consent.

 Link policy

(1) About link to Yamanashi homepage

You can link to Yamanashi homepage ( freely.

But please note that contents of homepage of origin of link may ask cases against laws and ordinances and public order and morals for deletion of link.

When you set link, please specify that it is link to Yamanashi homepage. In addition, please refrain from setting such as a part of your page.

Please note that each page, attached file on this site and contents change without notice or move or they may be deleted.

We may link from this site to site of third party, but do not guarantee linked contents as Yamanashi.

Introduction of formal banner

In addition, in the case of link setting, you can use exclusive banner image.

We only copy and paste HTML and can install link banner in place of page where you can link to you like.

Yamanashi formula banner[description method of HTML]

<a href=><img src="" width="183" height="68" border="0" alt=" Yamanashi homepage "></a>

(2) About mutual links with Yamanashi homepage

As a general rule, it is limited to engine of country, related organizations of prefecture and the prefecture municipalities.

About contents of homepage linking to from this site, Yamanashi does not take any responsibility.

 About disclaimers

We are absolutely sure with accuracy of information placed in Yamanashi homepage, but Yamanashi does not take at all responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of this homepage. In addition, about the damage, loss that covered because user accessed this site under any circumstance in Yamanashi, we do not take any responsibility.

 Privacy Policy

About collection, the use, management of personal information through this site, we handle based on "Yamanashi ordinance of privacy protection" appropriately as follows and act for the making of homepage that you can use to all of you in peace.

In the use of this site, it should be thing approved about item which is listed below.

With personal information

We say information that can distinguish authorized individuals such as address, full name, phone number, E-mail address that Yamanashi caught offer through this site.

About collection of personal information

When Yamanashi acquires personal information through this site, we should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user.

When we acquire information, we make purpose to use clear and acquire in range necessary to achieve the purpose.

About the use of personal information

We use personal information that we collected within the use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand. We do not perform the use more than collection purposes of personal information and offer at all unless we establish in ordinance of privacy protection.

Management of personal information

We manage personal information that we collected severely and take appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation.

In addition, about personal information that became unnecessary of possession, we remove surely and immediately.

 About personal information protective measure

(1) Use of SSL (coding communication)

In this site, we use encrypting protocol (protocol) called SSL on page exchanging important information about your personal information that site is used. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is one of the methods to encrypt data on the Internet, and to transmit and receive.

You can use in peace without information sent by all of you being intercepted to third party in the Internet by this technique and being tampered.

"Quick answer system" feels relieved from "inquiries to site", and please send opinions.

In addition, we make severe physical security measures on server storing this homepage. In addition, we make sure of measures such as virus or unjust invasion. For more details, please see later "(3) security measures".

(2) About access log

In this site, we record information of one accessed in this site in form called access log. Domain name and IP address of accessed one, kind of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but do not include information that can identify individual.

Access log is utilized for statistical analysis about maintenance management and the use situation of website, but may not be used in other purpose.

(3) Security measures

We make severe physical security measures on server storing this homepage. In addition, we make sure of measures such as virus or unjust invasion.
As for the basic way of thinking of information security of Yamanashi, please see page of information security measures (information security policy).

 Usage of site

(1) About use environment (browser)

Please use this homepage by browser after version 3 in version after two, Safari in version after six, Firefox in InternetExplorer.

(2) About various plug in

When we read file and video, installation of plug in or application may be necessary.

Pages that can download plug in application are as follows.

(3) About cookies (Cookies)

We save information about user who accessed Web page, and Cookie (cookies) is technique to reuse. When user changes size and color of letter by using this in this site, we omit trouble that we recognize change information of user using this Cookie, and user inputs every time and can always display homepage by setting that we changed.

(4) About Javascript

On Yamanashi homepage, there are contents using Javascript.

When setting of Javascript is invalidated by browser of errand, it may not function definitely. We recommend that we have setting of Javascript remain in effect by browser setting to use all contents.

(5) Others

Downloading such as browser software or various tools and installation, please be based on responsibility of user. About obstacle and trouble to occur on downloading and installation, Yamanashi does not take responsibility of compensation for damages and solution to the problem at all.

 Social media operation policy

When they perform information dispatch using social media such as blog or Twitter in Yamanashi, every social media to use establish social media operation policy to be similar, and they apply.

Please confirm social media operation policy here.

 About RSS cooperation

On Yamanashi homepage, we deliver What's New by RSS.

RSS (are S S: Rich Site Summary) is function to deliver abstract of website or entry of article in XML form.

We can confirm the latest information without accessing Yamanashi homepage by this technique.

RSS leaders are necessary to use.

  • As for registration and the handling method of RSS leader, please see explanation of each software and service.
  • Version of RSS that Yamanashi uses becomes 1.0.
  • Please use RSS reader in the range of personal responsibility.
  • After the delivery, we are deleted by public time limits, and, depending on information, there is thing that URL is changed.
  • For system maintenance, we may suspend exhibition of RSS.

 About map information to offer in this site

Map to offer in this site displays position about facility information, and there is point where some prefectural borders indication is not right.

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