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Update day: March 25, 2011

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Prefectural road Takabata Tanimura station line "tentative name treasure bypass"

Tsuru Municipal Hospital entrance in the Ohata, Tsuru-shi (soldier Kaito housing complex entrance) - 5, Tsuru, Tsuru-shi ground)


Prefectural road Takabata Tanimura station flight is line of 7.9km in total length to Kamiya, Tsuru-shi grounds starting from Takabatake, Tsuru-shi grounds. We start from treasure mine trace and we are connected to prefectural road Ohata Hatsukari line with intermediate part and contact Route 20 and repeat partly with connection, Route 139 with Chuo Expressway Tsuru interchange in the neighborhood of terminal and are road binding FUJI KYUKO line Tanimura Station together.

As well as role as life road of roadside village, roles as transportation course of large size vehicle having transportation base in Takabata grounds role as communication way binding the area together among Tsuru-shi and countries again are increasing now, in width narrowness region and sidewalk non-setting section in road safety affect. Furthermore, with improvement of prefectural road Ohata Hatsukari Line and refuse dump construction, increase of traffic of large vehicle is expected in future.

This business is bypass plan about non-improvement section of extension 3.6km from soldier Kaito housing complex entrance in the Ohata, Tsuru-shi ground to 5, Tsuru, Tsuru-shi Tsuru Interchange this side and we find safe, smooth traffic by shifting and expect passage traffic that we can greatly contribute to area promotion.

Extension L = 3.6km width overall width W = 11.0m

Member of traffic lane width 3.0m X 2 bicycle walker width 3.5m

 Treasure bypass

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