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Update day: April 3, 2009

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About business of P&R small Igawa parking lot

In prefectural road way public corporation, we maintain parking lot for 89 in front of JR Minobu Line Koikawa Station of Chuo-shi and start business on April 1, 2009. Charge of parking lot raises users for 3,000 yen now for one month.

We are not worried about summer direct rays of the sun without rain and snow hitting to car which we parked because this parking lot uses land of underpass of southern part of opened Shinyamanashi beltway section.

In "park-and-ride (P&R) which changes to train from car, everybody, going to work by car in Kofu-shi from Chuo-shi and the Minami-Alps-shi area," do you not begin eco-friendly life?

Specifically, please refer to prefectural road way public corporation, telephone 055-226-3835.

 Road public corporation homepage

Small Igawa parking lot handbill (PDF: 190KB)

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