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Update day: February 24, 2016

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A part of Route 52 changes to prefectural road.


Management is transferred from country to prefecture, and, from April 1, 2016, section approximately 19km from Honcho, Nirasaki-shi (Funayama Bridge) equal to old road of Kosei bypass of Route 52 to Fujikawa-cho Kajikazawa (Kosei bypass junction) changes in prefectural road Nirasaki Fujikawa, Minami-Alps line (prefectural road Route 42).

In addition, there is no change in Route 52 Kosei bypass.


A part of Route 52 changes to prefectural road (PDF: 688KB)



With management transfer, reference and application window about road are changed from April 1, 2016, too.


Prefectural road 42 flyer(PDF: 688KB)

               We click image to increase

[section in Nirasaki-shi]


   4-2-4, Honcho, Nirasaki-shi (the third floor of Kitakoma combination Government building)

   Telephone 0551-23-3065

[section in Minami-Alps-shi]

 Yamanashi Chuhoku Branch Office for Construction

   2-1-8, Kugawa, Koufu-shi (in front of prefectural art museum)

   Telephone 055-224-1667

[section in Fujikawa-cho]

 Yamanashi Kyonan Branch Office for Construction

   111-1, Takata, Ichikawamisato-cho, Nishiyatsushiro-gun (the third floor of Nishiyatsushiro combination Government building)

   Telephone 055-240-4128



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